We are partnering with Bunk – they have not only beautiful hotels but are a host for amazing cultural experiences!

Handbuilding ceramics
We are providing handbuilding workshops at Bunk.

For three hours we will immerse into the world of clay. 
e will teach the basic techniques of handbuilding with clay and after that you are free to create whatever you desire. We will offcourse be there to assist and help!

Including: a three hour workshop, instructions, all the materials, firing, glazing done by us and after this proces is complete your work will be delivered at home! Delivery within the Netherlands is included, outside the Netherlands deliverycosts are for the participant.   
Bunk provides you with a beautiful discount and therefor we are able to provide these handbuilding workshops for a special price. 
Now possible at Bunk for only:

The workshop will be spoken in English, Dutch or both languages depending on the participants.
Fill in the form: click on which workshop you want to join and within 48 hours you will recieve an e-mail as confirmation!

*Both dates that are open now are fully booked. You can still let us know you’d like to join so we can message you when a spot becomes available. Also take a look at the other workshops we are offering at the moment.*

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